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Make Space

A huge part of my transformation began with changing the space that I lived in. My boyfriend Max was out of town on a surf trip and my sister Leila came to visit.

She asked me if I loved our apartment. I looked around and realized how much I didn’t like about what was filling it. With Leila’s help, we started posting some current items like our dresser, shelves, and bed frame up on sites like LetGo, Offer Up, and Craigslist. With a little budget from selling the items that I didn't like, Leila helped me transform my home into a place that I loved. It became a home that I wanted to spend time in and I felt good about the things that I did choose to keep.

When everything had a home to put away, it was easy to keep it organized and clean. I enjoyed spending time in our space and began realizing what other parts of my life needed attention, re-organizing and love.

When we moved out of our little beach apartment in San Clemente and up to a little bigger one bedroom space up the coast, Leila helped me again to create a home that fit Max and I’s needs and my dreams of a cozy, cute and productive space.

Photo by Timothy Buck

If you are feeling stuck, or wanting to make some positive changes in your life, starting in your home space where you have full control over what you keep, what you let go of and how you design your space can be a wonderful way to bring clarity to what else you can make room for in your life.

Start small, maybe tackle that junk drawer in the kitchen first, then work your way through your home until you are satisfied.

Hint: start with the least personal items and then when you get the hang of it, transition into more personal things like your closet, books, and papers, etc.

This process can be very challenging and bring up many emotions as well. It can be difficult to part with things, but when you begin to only keep what you truly love and need, it feels so freeing and electrifying to live in a space that you love so much.

Cleansing my space has now become a process that I do once or twice a year. It allows us to keep what we need, let go of what no longer is serving us, and make room for new things. This might sound wasteful, but if you donate or recycle what no longer serves you, you will be amazed at how it allows for new energy and new opportunities to come your way.

Keeping my space organized and just to what I want and need has welcomed more awareness of what I am bringing into my home on a daily or weekly basis. Loving your home environment is a great start toward obtaining clarity to see your priorities, improve your health, and balance your life.

Start small, the kitchen junk drawer, or your bathroom cabinet. It may feel so nice that you end up transforming and cleansing your whole space. Now is the best time to get to it, you got this.

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