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Uncover your Gifts, and re-write your Code.


We can spend years waiting for the "right time" to finally do what makes our heart sing, to experience a full-body FUCK YES, to connect to our inner purpose, knowing, and self. You don't have to wait, it's your choice. 

Honoring your temple of a body and diving into the inner work where your gold is. Our journey together addresses your whole story. And we uncovered patterns that have been running the show and learn to re-write the old code, embody the new ways and live in love and relationship with our true selves.


As we weave through this experience, we discover what works best for you. We are all unique to our own stories.

You have the power to boldly Uncover your Gifts to share confidently with the world. 


Trusting your gifts, trusting the possibilities. 


The world is so ready for you to shine. 


what Kaija does

Kaija is trained in Source Code by Dr. Sam Rader. We work together to uncover your subconcious coding that was developed in early childhood as a coping style and in adult life is now hindering your experience to fully shine from your brightest and truest form. Kaija provides guidance, support, and tools to help you listen deep within to uncover your gifts, feel more love, enhance your relationships, increase mindfulness + awareness, attune with your energy, release and let go of unnecessary baggage, examine old stories and get to where YOU want to be living in your body + mind + life.

We are all on our own journey and wherever you are, Kaija can assist your process and find help you find clarity.

Sessions are one-on-one via Zoom.

why do it

Fall deeply in love with yourself, your life, your relationships, and the process. Live with excitement and awe of the universe and what the future holds for you. Follow your heart to gracefully live your dream life with ease. 

Live in your fullest light and purpose. Create meaningful & deep connections with yourself, others, and the world. We are all connected- share your gifts to the world with love, support, intentions, and powerful intuition.


Kaija Rose is looking forward to helping you become ONE WITH WELLNESS by supporting your path of Uncovering your Gifts and stepping into your true self.  

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