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my story

I live with my husband Max, and toddler Luca on the Central Coast of California in a little town called Los Osos. We enjoy laying on the floor, surfing, yoga, hiking, backpacking, running off to the mountains to ski, and more. Our desire for travel and exploring this beautiful world continues to grow with our growing family.


my change

Through learning the voice of my body, simplifying my surroundings, getting clear on what serves me and what doesn't, continually expanding my comfort zone,  questioning my own old beliefs and stories, and clearly defining my dreams/goals/intentions- I am soaking in the beauty and abundance of this incredible life.

Relationships are mirrors for me and have guided me to what I can learn more from through triggers, irritations, and areas of inflammation. I have made big changes to greatly improve the quality of my life, my relationships, and how I feel in my body- but I am on a continuous journey of exploring and learning more while enjoying this process. I have done deep work with Source Code for years with Dr. Sam Rader and am forever in my work with uncovering patterns and living the fruits of this beautiful magical life. 


It's all about falling in love with the process. Releasing that there is a "mountain top" to arrive at, and enjoying the way up through the ups + dips, darkness + light. 

my transformation

Change pulls us out of our comfort zone, stretches us in new directions, and expands our experiences, letting us see things with a new perspective. This process of changing, discovering, and learning is so beautiful and healing for me. I am most thankful for these irritations, triggers, ailments, and signs that helped jolt me into my reality of needing to focus and heal my body and my life. 


I tuned in and began listening more to what my body was telling me. I challenged my comfort zone, fell deeper in love, began loving my body, and found and pursued my dreams of helping people connect with their gifts, and higher self/true self. I am still a student, and always will be as it will continue to change and adapt. 


I began letting go of the things that were no longer serving me. I began making space for new things, experiences, and connections to come into my life. 


By creating space, I started allowing in pleasure and love.  Instead of looking for the change from those around me, I realized the change had to come from within, that I was the only one in power to make it happen, and that it was okay to ask for help. 

I had a deep feeling and a dream of who wanted to be, I yearned to connect to my inner guide. Being ONE WITH WELLNESS, for me, is aligning all the parts of myself, my body, heart, mind, & life. When I am connecting with wellness, I am able to be my greatest self for the world. I am able to follow my dreams and live in love, energy, truth, connection, growth, and service.



Certified Holistic Health Coach through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. 

Certified 200 hr Yoga Teacher through Sampoorna Yoga in Agonda, Goa India. 

Completed Mastery for Coaches program and training through Alyssa Nobriga.

Graduated with a BS in Event Planning and Sports Management from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA. 
Certified Reiki Level I through Usui Ryoho Reiki, Lisa Powers Reiki Master/Teacher.

Essential  Oils through doTERRA

education and certifications

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