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Gathering to support, love, and care for our beautiful Momma to be in a healing ceremony honoring womanhood, motherhood, and the sacred feminine.


Mother Blessing Circles are inspired by a Navajo spiritual tradition called a Blessingway to honor a Woman from womanhood into Motherhood. We honor the roots and origin of this beautiful ancient ritual and tradition in our hearts and minds. Grateful for our learning.

mother blessing circle

our time together

Hosted in your home to welcome in all the love and healing energy with your woman family and friends with:

  • Candle Lighting

  • Gentle movement

  • Guided meditation

  • Journaling

  • Poem reading

  • Sharing

  • Card pulling

  • Healing touch to our Momma to be with essential oils

  • Gifts (optional) Sourced through Manifest Essentials 

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