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Women’s Circles are a safe space where we gather in deepening connection to self and each other. We explore ourselves and share energy as we create connection and community together. This ancient form of gathering is something we have lost in our culture today. Through Women’s Circles, we can come back to our true natures while being seen and heard. Experience being supported + loved as we discover our authentic souls, dive deep within, and develop our innate gifts to confidently share with the world.


welcome goddess,

our purpose

To be seen, heard, loved, and supported for all elements of self as we deepen our connection inward in the powerful presence of women.

our time shared

An outline of a Women's Circle to feel supported going into the experience:

  • Soft movement + guided meditation

  • Journal  + inner reflection 

  • Gather + share

Elements you are welcome to have with you and around you before joining the Zoom:

  • a cup filled with your favorite tea/or beverage of choice

  • paper and pen to write with

  • a candle(s) 

  • adorn yourself in comfy loving clothes

  • a blanket to create more cozy floor sitting and laying- or from your soft delicious bed.

  • crystal (s), sage/palo santo, essential oil(s)


adorn yourself + your space

Ways to welcome in your divine energy before this circle:

- shower or bathe 

- pleasure yourself

- lay on your back with eyes closed for 10 minutes with relaxing music or in silence

- walk around your block/neighborhood

- shake your body

- dance

- enjoy a meal

timing + space


Women's Circles meet on a virtual platform and are held in group sizes smaller than 10. 

or In Person if on the Central Coast, CA. 


- Set up a private circle with your goddesses- Choose date + time

- One With Wellness Women's Circles monthly Wednesday 7:30-9:30pm PST all women welcome with sliding scale offering of $10-$30 - Message to receive link to join.

"Working with Kaija in the One With Wellness Women's Circle not only provided me guidance, but it also instilled confidence in myself and my abilities. It was my first time meeting Kaija and joining the virtual sacred space, yet I felt immediately at ease and welcomed. It was truly such a gift to be able to meet each and every one of the Goddesses in the Women's Circle, connecting on topics that will support all of us in stepping into our next level selves. The experience allowed me to openly receive exactly what I needed in life - opening up to the unwavering trust and loving support the universe has to offer. I left the experience feeling rejuvenated and inspired, with a better idea of my intentions and purpose in life. Thank you Kaija for leading this unforgettable experience, you are truly such a light and inspiration to work with!" - Asia


I'd love to join a circle...

Thanks! Message sent.

Thank you so much for signing up.


"Kaija is absolutely wonderful, each moment with her is filled with connection and unconditional love. Her ability to reflect on each word I say is truly unique. In my Clearing Session, she helped me uncover beautiful truths about myself. I would also highly recommend Kaija's Women's Circles as a source for connection and bonding. Kaija has guided me in becoming a more spiritual, confident and inspired woman." - Hannah

"Kaija has created a sacred space within One with Wellness regardless of age, race, gender or background. We have conversations that pertain to value and insight, offer one another support through journaling, mediation and conversation. One with Wellness is an environment where individuals show up to listen and learn from one another on an intimate level. Kaija has an innate and beautiful ability to ask questions that provoke thought and growth. I would recommend exploring One with Wellness and watch your journey unfold in an organic and loving way; where you are in the driver seat!"  - Alexandra

"I have never been in such a blissful space after Kaija's Women's Circle. Her artful guidance & awareness brought me to a place of heightened creativity and mindfulness. She builds an environment of compassion, curiosity and consciousness. It is a truly beautiful experience. Thank you Kaija." - Rachel

"Kaija’s Women’s Circles are truly transformative. My partner is always amazed by the shift he sees in me. He watches as I walk into our bedroom and close the door for the circle, and he loves to see the shift in my energy when I walk back out afterwards. Kaija has a beautiful way of holding space and I always feel supported, heard, and inspired. The movement portion of the circle always allows me to move out of my head and into the subtleties of my body, whereas the journaling prompts are deep and insightful. I love the aspect of community, especially because the size of the group is small. I am so thankful for Kaija! These circles have helped me so much during this quarantine and I know they will continue to even when it is over. " - Luna

"Kaija is truly gifted at what she does. The space she holds allowed me to see, and know myself on a deeper level with curiosity, compassion, and respect. She lifted the veil of fear and allowed me to take monumental leaps in my life with her safe and loving energy and enlightened insights. The questions she asks and the support she gives opened up possibilities within myself I didn’t know I had access to. My life no longer feels blocked, I have the freedom to move forward in alignment with my purpose and have the tools to get there. I feel completely seen and grateful to Kaija. She has the ability to pinpoint truths in a completely judgment free way, allowing me to move past any blocks or limits that I used to hold myself to unconsciously. If you are ready to expand into a new way of being and live a life of purpose, alignment, and abundance I could not recommend working with Kaija more." - Chloe 

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