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Schedule your complimentary Clarity Session with Kaija Rose to bring life to your goals for the next 6 months by connecting to your gifts.


uncover your gifts



dive into your WHY

become one with wellness through love, healing, and health.


Who you're


can't be forced;

it has to grow. 

    - Lalah Delia​



"Kaija helped me find my connection to growth and health in a holistic and honest way. She helped me approach the areas of my life that needed more attention and guided me with rituals and practices that best fit my lifestyle. Most importantly Kaija's loving approach helped me feel comfortable and confident. Kaija brings light into my life and enables me to find it in myself. I would recommend any service lead by Kaija. You are sure to learn something new about yourself."

- Zoe

"One With Wellness is the definition of good vibes! Kaija is a wonderful soul with a huge heart and a real passion for the work that she does; she has a wonderful calming energy and provides an inclusive and judgment-free space to connect with your truths and focus on self-love, personal growth, and empowerment."


- Catt

"Kaija’s inner strength shines through her soft and sweet nature. Her knowledge of health, wellness, and true healing is apparent from her extensive training and experience. Kaija’s gift is her passion for holistic health and wellness. She is not only a listener and a teacher, but a motivator and a helper, and an outstanding coach. I cannot recommend her highly enough. "


- Ami

"Each moment I’ve spent with Kaija is brushed by her genuine love and care that seems to endlessly radiate from her.  It doesn’t matter what the occasion, she gives her best energy that is full of thoughtfulness and patience. The focus she has towards self-love and seeking her style of a happy life is so inspiring to me. Kaija is effortlessly intuitive and has the capability to deeply listen to any words that are shared with her. She is rare in the best possible way. May her gifts be shared with many humans on this earth." 

- Audrey

"I would recommend Kaija to anyone looking to improve their own life and needing a guide on that journey. She is the coach for you if you need someone to guide you in developing a plan to achieve your goals, hold you accountable to improving your own life, help you find the right track forward, get out of a rut, make tough decisions, and make a routine or develop strategies that will keep you at your best when she is not around. " 

- Matt

i am feeling called to learn more...


wedding doula

Just got engaged to the love of your life? About to be married? Or maybe have just experienced all this and are wanting to process and learn more? 

Being held and supported emotionally into and through such a magnificent and pivotal time of life and identity shift can be deeply healing and powerful. Kaija will support you on your journey of discovering more about yourself, your partner, and your relationships with family and friends.  

Discover your inner heart, mind, and truths to be able to speak and connect with others in a way that feels good, in your light, power, and grace. 

wedding doula

Clearing Session

Clearing Sessions are a safe space where we deepen the connection to self and release and let go of stagnant energy, blockages, and old stories. We meet via Zoom.

45-minute Clearing Session:
•Candle Lighting
•Clearing Conversation
•Card Pulling & Reading

Sliding scale offering $30-$50/session 

Gift yourself ethically harvested Palo Santo, Selenite Crystal, Pleasure Assists.

clearing session

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