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Bring Life In

Create a loving environment so that you can live by love each and everyday. Listed below are a few things that helped me to bring life into my space and why I love my home so much.

1. Plants Baby!

Add plants to your home. You can start simple, or go all out. Here is a list of easy indoor plants that help clean and cleanse the air you breath.

2. Lighting Candles

Himalayan Salt Lamps


Fairy lights (bulb string lights)

Dimmer bulbs, or dimmer switches

3. Mirrors

All shapes, sizes, even colors. Mirrors reflect light and can help a room or space feel bigger.

4. Inspiration

What are your favorite themes and styles? Add more of that to your space.

5. Elements

Mixing earth elements can make a space feel good and creates a beautiful look when done well. Wood, metal, pants, stone, crystals, windows (air/light), fabrics/textures- play with combinations and mixing together.

6. YOU

Bring you into your space. Be proud of your space and do so by making it your dream space no matter how long you plan to be there or not. Make your current space a form of your future “dream home” to manifest the intention and feeling of already having it- It will show up when you are open to receiving it.

When your space and home are in alignment with you, your energy can flow to creating and producing at greater abilities. Explore your favorite sites like Instagram accounts and Pinterest for inspiration. Discover what you love and bring more of that in.


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