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Easy Like Sunday Morning

Banana + Egg Pancakes

I’ve been making these since we lived in Costa Rica and they are my favorite. Just a few simple ingredients and they are so delicious that they don't even need toppings.

These are a perfect healthy substitute for those occasions when you are craving a treat.

I must take a moment and say that I am no baker here and so my recipes are not your normal directions.

Here are the steps for one person, double it for two:

Ingredient List:

One Ripe Banana

Two eggs

Some cinnamon powder (I like a lot)

Splash of vanilla extract

A pinch of salt


Peel and mash up ripe banana

Crack your eggs

Mix them together till you get a smooth consistency or blend it up

Add a dash of cinnamon and a splash of vanilla extract, toss in a pinch of Chia Seeds if you like

Heat up your pancake pan, use coconut oil or grass fed butter or an oil of your choice. When it’s hot n ready, add your mix to the size you want for your cakes, flip when ready. They are thin, a little more like little crepes than thick pancakes, but they sure are amazing.

I love them plain, but they are also great when I dress them up with some additional toppings like almond butter, honey, jam, strawberries, banana, etc.

Let me know how yours turn out. Enjoy!


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