Connect to your inner knowing and allow the purpose that makes your heart sing to come alive.


So many of us are unaware or fearful of our full power and potential. We have a yearning to live and operate from our highest selves, but we've created so many stories as to why we can't be there yet- "one day though" we tell ourselves. 

When we continue to hide our light, cover up our true gifts, ignore our deep strengths- we are prolonging the joy, healing, satisfaction, and ease of living in alignment + shining our gifts confidently to the world. 

When you experience someone who has uncovered their gifts, living as their true self, consciously evolving - it's potent and inspiring.


You love are already there. You have everything you need within you. Let's Uncover your Gifts- the world wants you to thrive, succeed, and prosper.

uncover your gifts 

Through intuitive 1:1 coaching, we take a journey through all the areas of your life with curiosity + compassion to learn and discover what can be improved, released, or magnified. 


Through guidance, support, and tools we uncover your gifts, define your goals, listen to your body, love deeply, enhance your relationships, increase mindfulness, harness your energy, release and let go of unnecessary baggage, examine old stories and get to where YOU want to be living in your body + mind.

Being | Cleansing | Connecting | Manifesting

you are supported

Sessions together are via telephone calls, video, or in person.


We work in a 6-month container to allow for lasting and sustainable change. 


Two 90 minute sessions each month 

Provided reading lists, podcasts, and assignments to work on between sessions

Unlimited email access & Voxer contact

Weekly check-ins and spot coaching when needed 

our process

Confidently sharing your gifts with the world

Knowing and standing fully in your power

Understanding your Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine energies

Awakening desires and passions that you have the power to carry out and complete

Clarity on your mission, vision & plans for the future

Empowered action

Releasing limiting beliefs, blocks, and old stories

Defining your new story, living your dream life now.

sharing your gifts with the world

one with wellness circle of life

- Mark a dot on each of the categories of how you feel right now.


- The widest part of each slice means it feels excellent. The smallest part of each slice means it feels off and needs more love and attention. 

- Then connect each dot and see how your circle looks.


- The areas that dip inward are the areas that can use love and attention.


- The areas that are close to or on the edge of the circle are ones that you feel  good about and deeply grateful for. 

i am feeling called to learn more...